Doing Good without Preconception

Yutang Lin

Do good with a pure mind free from grasping to form;
Just follow this guidance one would attain awakening.
A principle to uphold for entire life, actually practiced,
Not unworthy of Buddha's grace but also helps others


In the Diamond Sutra the Buddha expounded in details the fundamental principles of the Dharma. Therein all sorts of grasping to reality or hindrances of forms are pointed out and dispelled, and wondrous application of names are taught. In this Sutra often one statement would completely reveal some fundamental principle for practices. For example, "Practice all good deeds without the notion of self, person, sentient being or living being, right then attain the unsurpassable right and full enlightenment." This statement from the Sutra clearly spells out a path for practice to reach enlightenment. If we could carefully abide by this teaching for the remainder of our lives, and put it into practice diligently, then not only would we benefit from Buddha's kindness but also could we spread Buddha's grace to all sentient beings.

Written in Chinese on February 3, 2003
Translated on February 4, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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