No Hurry

Yutang Lin

Unsuspected changes could spring up in an instant;
Awakening to disentangling is a matter for eternity.
Conditioned by relations, results cannot be hurried.
Advocating in line with principles, just take it easy!


Change of matters often occurs within short distance in space or time. Seeing things through and letting things go could not help but the result of months and years of reflection. Even though the swiftness of impermanence has been comprehended, how could the delay in awakening be helped? Within the web of conditional relationships we could propagate the Dharma only gradually in accordance with principles. Therefore, when it comes to Dharma matters I often say, "No hurry." Although there is no hurry for the time being, and yet how could we ever lose sight of the eternal significance of this matter?

Written in Chinese and translated on November 5, 2002
El Cerrito, California

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