Yutang Lin

Without inspirational blessing, always some doubts;
Seeing supernatural results, turn to greedy demands.
Reveries muttered with open-eyes could not realize;
Additional sorrow of anger and blame soon follows.


The intentions of worldlings are mainly for self-interests. Not having experienced inspirational events it is difficult to have real faith in Buddha. Once blessed with supernatural results, people turn to attempting to make use of such powers for their personal goals. When their excessive greedy demands are not favored they would become angry or complain, or even turn their back on Buddha. Their nests of sorrows are fulfilled with greed, anger and ignorance. Even when they come across Buddha and his teachings they would remain the same. Sentient beings are difficult to convert; Buddha compassion thereby becomes even deeper.

Written in Chinese on February 24, 2002
Translated on March 8, 2002
El Cerrito, California

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