Could Not Be Forced

Yutang Lin

Compelling with strong force to compete for a resemblance;
Temporary acquiescence broods animosity and discord long.
Without worldly supports to fall back on, cultivate sincerity;
Difficult situations are just right for learning to step on sol


Worldly ways aim at fighting for power and dominance so as to compel the fulfillment of wills. Even when succeeded only temporary control of appearance can be maintained, but no way to reduce or eliminate long-term confrontations and conflicts, and on the contrary will inflame and brood animosity and struggles for long. The result of a forced situation is only the breeding and spreading of more sorrows.

A Dharma practitioner stays away from worldly means and has no worldly supports to fall back on, but abides by only a simple and straight mind relying on both experiences of receiving Buddhas' blessings and comprehension of the meaning of Buddha's teachings. Under difficult worldly situations there is yet nicely a reduced opportunity for creating karmas out of ignorance and attachment, and a better chance to realize gradually the facts of how sentient beings are situated in the world.

Written in Chinese on February 14, 2003
Translated on February 16, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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