Leading to Buddhahood?

Yutang Lin

Now and then reports of distant sightings arrive;
Dharma activities seen in dreams by people afar.
Powa, vase offering, fire puja, or releasing lives
Shares merits with all so none is to be left alone.


Now and then I received messages from Buddhists in different parts of the world telling me about my Dharma activities that they witnessed in their dreams. The distant sightings include Powa services, vase offerings to the Dragon King, fire pujas and releasing of lives. The dedication of merits of these Dharma activities often resulted in favorable responses. Some people felt a stream of warm energy flowed into their bodies when they received my books or the mantra sheets I wrote and printed for free distribution. Some people smelled sandalwood incense or saw flashes of light when they read my works. These kinds of distant sightings that bring people afar to become as close as neighbors are of course due to Buddha's grace and blessing; in addition, they also serve to verify the ancient Chinese saying that, "virtue would not remain alone, neighbors would certainly gather."

Written in Chinese and translated on January 14, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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