No Doubts 

Yutang Lin

Right faith is hard to sprout except through practice.
Half believing, half doubting, burdened by thinking.
Drastic changes occur at an instant, who still thinks?
If we relied not on Buddha's compassion, what else?


It is not easy to establish right faith in Buddha Dharma. Therefore, I use simple language to talk about reflections on life's various aspects so as to help common people to understand the significance of Dharma. In addition, I also suggest that people adopt the practices of chanting Buddha's name and doing prostration to Buddhas so that through experiences accumulated from doing Dharma practices the right faith will gradually root, sprout and grow.

For Buddhists on the lengthy path of Dharma practices all sorts of situation could arise. Often one would become half-believing and half-doubting due to many ideas and views arising from one's thinking or through outside influences. The fundamental point of such problems is the lack of appreciation of how lightning-fast could drastic changes take place. Situations in life are often beyond preparation or control.

For Buddhists who have had some experiences of Buddha's inspiration and blessing, they should often remind themselves that, since drastic changes could arrive at any moment, there is no leisure for doubts to arise. We know from our experiences that there are Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Dharma protectors that we can rely on for help and salvation. Were we to renounce their guidance and protection, what else in the world would be ultimately and truly reliable? Therefore, we should have no doubts whatsoever, and wholeheartedly and single-mindedly make efforts toward progress on the Buddhist path.


Written in Chinese and translated on December 4, 2002
El Cerrito, California



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