Serving as a Bridge

Yutang Lin

Standing firm in dangerous rapids to provide safe passage;
In responses to urgencies, often set up temporary bypasses.
Offerings come naturally and are used for free distribution;
Interchange and communion at all levels remain congruent.


Upholding firmly a life of Dharma practices so as to provide, through dedication of merits generated from Dharma services, a bridge for safe passage across sufferings in life. To provide rescue upon hearing calls for help one is accustomed to performing Dharma activities in response to all sorts of requests for help so as to reduce karmic hindrances or to accumulate beneficial merits. This is similar to setting up a temporary bridge or bypass. As voluntary offerings are received they are immediately and completely used in Dharma activities or dispersed freely to others to build Dharma connections. Thus help cultivate the donors' merits and wisdom. Always help achieve interchange and communion of all things and all beings along the Buddhist path so as to realize the mission of a practitioner's serving as a Dharma bridge.

Written in Chinese and translated on January 16, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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