Following Self-interests

Yutang Lin

How could self-interests match the universal truth?
Sooner or later such pursuits will run into dead end.
Earlier comprehension could avoid waste of efforts.
Willful ones having run into walls still firmly insist.


Worldly practices mostly follow self-interests simply because of lack of long-term vision that such pursuits will eventually run into dead ends. All operations throughout the whole Dharmadhatu necessarily follow the laws of causes and consequences. Wherever selfish intentions lie often all sorts of hindrances and unjustifiable practices would arise; therefore, sooner or later such pursuits will run into setbacks. If one could comprehend sooner the necessity of being fair and just, then futile waste of attention and strength could be avoided. Unfortunately there are some in the world that had run into walls but are still unaware of the futility of their endeavors.

Written in Chinese on March 7, 2003
Translated on March 12, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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