Supplication for Deceased Beings 

Yutang Lin

Powa visualization encompasses whole Dharmadhatu,
None excluded to rescue all beings needing such help.
Blocked by heavy karma, some beings cannot receive;
They still need others' supplication to obtain benefits.


Tantric Powa service can help transfer deceased beings to Buddha's Pureland. The visualization of this practice encompasses all beings in the Dharmadhatu that need such help. Nevertheless, often there are still beings in ghost realm or intermediate states that try very hard to communicate incessantly in various ways to Buddhists who know about my practice of this service. Only when such Buddhists ask me to include those beings in the Powa service will they retire into no disturbance. From such experiences I have learned that for such rescue services to be successful many conditions need to be met. And among the conditions it seems that having someone to request for Powa on behalf of a deceased being would be necessary or, at least, helpful. May Buddhists who come across this knowledge would often practice asking for Powa services on behalf of deceased beings, and thereby grow in wisdom and compassion.

Written in Chinese and translated on December 2, 2002
El Cerrito, California



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