Not to Stir up

Yutang Lin

Grasping to concepts makes it difficult to go beyond frames;
Self-righteousness renders one blind to one's own partiality.
Essentially in oneness and yet varieties evolve by conditions.
Once understood as such there could be no ground for anger.


Picking sayings here and there from some sutras to justify claims of superiority for certain particular ways, and to judge other approaches as devious or fault-ridden, writings of this kind issue from biased grasping to words and concepts. Due to inability to have a thorough understanding of the essential teachings of Buddhism, such authors indulged in self-righteousness and self-praise, and poured out angry words that are judgmental and critical of others.

When the Buddhist teachings are thoroughly comprehended varieties in approaches are seen as natural consequences of evolution of phenomena due to changes in conditions. Essentially all remain in oneness. Why need to stir people's minds up in such a manner as to increase confusion and delusion in the world?

Written in Chinese and translated on September 24, 2002
El Cerrito, California

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