Unaware of Impermanence

Yutang Lin

Merits and practices, even though alluded to,
Always postponed after earning money more.
How could life be arranged at will by anyone?
Use any spare moment at present for practice!


Once I overheard Buddhist friends chatting, even though they alluded to practices and accumulation of merits several times, their main concern was on gaining wealth, and thought of Dharma practices as matters to be taken care of only after they are free from financial worries. The fundamental teaching of Buddhism is that all are impermanent. How matters would turn out to be, when one will die, and how one would end up to be, all these are beyond anyone's control. Buddhist friends who wanted to wait till retirement to concentrate on Dharma practice are either dead or hindered by relationships, environment, sickness or senility from doing any serious practice. If one really understands the teaching on impermanence, one should at least devote some time for a practice session everyday.

Written in Chinese on February 24, 2002
Translated on March 9, 2002
El Cerrito, California

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