Yutang Lin

Recognize clearly that "self" is irrelevant to enlightenment;
Not to grasp to attainments nor argue for names and status.
Had sorrows arisen in the course or community of practice,
One should reflect on motivations that strayed from Bod


A Buddhist wrote me about some sorrows that arose within a Dharma group due to different views on attainments. Dharma practice should only reduce sorrows; had sorrows instead increased, something must have gone wrong. We should correct the situation according to the following reflections:

Any discussion related to personal matters is already beyond the scope of the teaching of "non-self." Grasping to and arguing about meditation experiences, states or status of attainment amounts to losing sight of the significance of Bodhi endeavors. Bodhicitta is for the ultimate benefits of all sentient beings.

If we could constantly reflect in this way, then we would resume pure practices that are free from hindrances and sorrows.

Written in Chinese and translated on February 7, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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