Mrs. Sydney Limtiaco's Experience with Dr. Lin's Powa Service

Written by Dr. Juan Bulnes

My friend Sydney Limtiaco lost her 30-year old daughter Rieann about 6 years ago. Sydney was at first told that Rieann had been murdered by her boyfriend and that he fled the island of Guam. Sydney flew to Guam for the funeral, but she was denied access to the police report and autopsy results. She was not allowed to see the mortal remains of her daughter. At this time she was told by the police that her daughter had committed suicide, yet the Police Chief asked Sydney and her son not to believe rumors and that something was "fishy" about the situation. She was also told that her daughter had a new ID. These tragic events and the lack of closure had a devastating effect on Sydney. Every year when holidays approached, and especially when Rieann's birthday approached, Sydney suffered severe depressions and anger. When Rieann's most recent birthday was approaching, Sydney called me from Taos, NM where she now lives and told me she was feeling a lot of anger, so I asked Dr. Lin how she could be helped to overcome these feelings. Dr. Lin simply said, "I will do Powa for the daughter tomorrow and the mother's anger will go away." I communicated this immediately to my friend without any comments, although I knew that she would be skeptical and so was I, because I knew how deep her pain ran. A few days later, Sydney called and told me, "I did not believe it would help, so I was very surprised that my anger went away as Dr. Lin said." She reported that it happened all of a sudden...the anger dissipated like a flash while she was driving her car.

January 20, 2003
Mountain View, California

Dr. Lin's Comment:

When deceased relatives or friends are not in peace the living will often suffer symptoms that have no worldly explanation or solution. When I was told of Sydney's problem, I knew from experiences that the root of the problem was that Rieann had not been relieved from suffering yet. So I included Rieann in my Powa service. As soon as the daughter got helped, the mother felt the relief instantaneously. There are other similar cases, and most of the time the blessing was felt as an instantaneous experience instead of a gradual recovery. This is because the relief was achieved through Buddha's powerful blessing that removed the hindrances all at once.

Juan told me that this event impressed him very much because he heard me foretelling that Powa service would help the deceased's mother, and then it came true. So I urged him to write this report to share with others so that more people would know how to get help. My Powa service is voluntary and free of any charges. People just need to give me the name of a deceased being, or a description in case the name is not known or not given.

January 20, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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