Delusive Aspiration

Yutang Lin

Engulfed in delusive aspiration, ignore obvious variables;
Longing for instant achievements, linger in daydreaming.
Fame, gains or position of Buddhahood as the luring bait,
Frauds are abundant in the world; see through them soon!


Many people long for instant achievements and aspire to extraordinary fame and gains to such an extent that they overlook the complexity of pertinent variables and the difficulties involved in such attainment. Consequently they become deluded by goals and names that are in reality impossible for them to reach into spending countless time, energy and resources. Even when they become trapped in predicaments some of them would still hold onto those daydreams. In the world there are many frauds using fame and gains as baits. In some cases even the ideals of Buddhism such as "attaining enlightenment within this life" and "instantaneous comprehension" are misused as lures. On the Buddhist path to enlightenment one needs to practice solidly. One should not chase after "instant fruits" that do not require much effort. To accumulate sincere practices bit by bit for the rest of one's life is a real shortcut to attainment.

Written in Chinese on March 12, 2002
Translated on March 16, 2002
El Cerrito, California

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