Recognizing as a Matter

Yutang Lin

Recognizing as a matter one follows it into turning around;
With mind abiding somewhere one is closeted in darkness.
Under bright sunlight all sorts of forms and colors are seen;
One then regrets that earlier it was mistakenly taken as real.


When it is recognized as a matter, then one would follow it up and down into turning around. Take a break and look at where one does not recognize as matters; how peaceful and free from disturbance! Our concentration and energies are very limited; and days ahead are not numerous; how long will we be able to sustain commotion? How in detail will we be able to even up the scores? Open your mind and widen your horizons so that you would not hold on to matters. All matters will naturally and gradually fade away. May all abide in the openness and evenness of letting matters arise and subside on their own!

Written in Chinese and translated on January 9, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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