Untold Secrets

Yutang Lin

Unspeakable painful privacy prevails in every household;
No way to dissolve the gloomy burden that overcasts one.
Seeing through that 'tis only common for us in the world,
Why let our minds' eyes look only inside a horn for long?


Much suffering and difficulties prevail in the world. Each and every one has some unspeakable privacy that has no solution in sight. Consequently, many people are gloomy with only very few hearty smiles. Some even become depressed easily and ends up with chronic illnesses. If one can see through that predicaments such as one's own are common in the world at large, then one might comprehend that there is no need to fix one's mind's eyes at looking inside a ever-narrowing horn, and instead one may turn around to view the variegated things in the universe and enjoy the vista of an open mind.

Written in Chinese on February 17, 2003
Translated on February 19, 2003

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