Main Points

Yutang Lin

Practice matching non-self increases wisdom and compassion.
Mind set on praying for all beings naturally dissolves sorrows.
Prayers could yield helpful protection to beings that need help.
Intricate details all forgotten, only three points remain in mind.


How to merge into the state of selflessness is the central point of Buddhist practices. With each advancing degree of merging into selflessness there is naturally a corresponding degree of maturity in wisdom and compassion. The key to liberation is to concentrate on the salvation of all sentient beings. If this is attained, naturally all personal sorrows would evaporate. Praying could inspire blessing and salvation from Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Therefore, we are not helplessly and hopelessly floating on the ocean of sufferings. Buddhist practitioners can help others through prayers, and such help is based on this knowledge. This knowledge is very precious. If one could believe it, then one might be saved through Dharma practices. After many years of Buddhist studies and practices complicated details are gradually forgotten. Right now only these three main points naturally come to mind.

Written in Chinese on January 15, 2002
Translated on January 22, 2002
El Cerrito, California

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