Karmic Hindrance

Yutang Lin

Karmic hindrance seems explanation mysterious;
Winning deep faith must due to some experience.
Imminent danger and incurable equivocal disease,
Now and then reduced or relieved through prayer.


Difficulties and sufferings in life are explained in Buddhism as symptoms of karmic hindrances. Karmic hindrance is an abstract concept; how could it win deep faith? People who have practiced for years all know that, many dangerous but incorrigible situations or chronic incurable equivocal diseases have been relieved through prayers and dedication of merits of Dharma activities. Unless in the realm beyond human perception there are operations of karmic hindrances and antidotal effects of Dharma activities, how could there be such inspirational incidents?

Written in Chinese on January 16, 2002
Translated on January 23, 2002
El Cerrito, California

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