Originally One in Harmony

Yutang Lin

Yin and Yang, two poles in communion for mutual benefits;
Dual extremities tuned to balance to attain harmonious unity.
Wisdom and compassion spring forth from limitless oneness,
Originally in unity and complete infusion without distinction.


Complete communion of wisdom and compassion is often explained by the analogy of the communion of Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang are two separate poles; their coming together may balance each other and yield mutual benefits of harmonious coexistence and eventual unity. Nevertheless, wisdom and compassion spring forth from the awakening to limitless oneness, and hence they are originally indistinguishable and inseparable. Only in concepts that it is possible to mention them as separate qualities, while in attainment and awakening there is no way to denote it. Wisdom and compassion are originally in complete communion and of unity. Practitioners who aim at attainment of the ultimate should recognize clearly at the beginning that, wisdom and compassion are not dualistic poles like Yin and Yang, but are originally in complete oneness and indistinguishable.

Written in Chinese on May 23, 2002
Translated on May 24, 2002
El Cerrito, California

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