Clearing the Mind

Yutang Lin

The other side of preferences is hindrances.
Barriers or blinds of mind are hard to clear.
Recognize the senselessness of self-torture;
Rely on constant practices to regain clarity.


Usually individuals have preferences, and therefore couldn't help being pulled hither and thither. All sorts of prejudices and preferences form an all-encompassing net to snare and torment one inside; thus one could not even imagine the peace and harmony outside such nets. Through long-term Dharma practices one would gradually experience a state of mind that is free from worries. With such an experience as a point of reference for comparison, one would then find it easier to escape from previous routines of self-confined torture. In order to attain ultimate liberation it is necessary for one to be completely devoted to a life of Dharma practices and services. Only in the absence of second thoughts could thorough escape from suffering be realized.

Written in Chinese on November 24, 2002
Translated on November 26, 2002
El Cerrito, California

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