Continuing to Spread Blessings

Yutang Lin

Dharma propagation lasts thirty years by two generations,
Due to Buddha's power Dharma services well established.
Over two thousand precious vases offered to Dragon King
To spread blessings all over the world through such bonds.


Near the end of 1972 Yogi Chen arrived in the United States to propagate Dharma. The very first major Dharma activity that he performed was a fire puja to Jesus on the Christmas of that year. He thereby prayed to Jesus for help in spreading Dharma to the West. Yogi Chen stayed in the States to propagate Dharma to the world for 15 years until his parinirvana near the end of 1987. I have continued his mission ever since that time. The Christmas of this year is thus the 30th anniversary of the commencement of Yogi Chen's Dharma activities in U.S. Over ten days ago I received blessings from Buddha in the form of a power fulfilling my body, and I concurrently sensed that the blessing was to empower me to reach vase number 2002 on this year's Christmas.

This morning I went out to sea to offer 21 precious vases to the Dragon King, and the vase number reached 2004. I also released 100 lobsters back to the ocean. Then we went up to the mountain to perform a fire puja to Jesus. The bright fire was swaying vigorously. After the firewood pile fell on its own there appeared a neat circle formed by the fallen firewood sticks. It was a sign of fulfillment.

Buddhists who requested these services are from various corners of the world. We are blessed with Buddhas' profound grace but have no way to repay their kindness. We can only try to please Buddha's merciful mind by spreading the blessings to all.

Written in Chinese on Christmas Day of 2002
Translated on December 26, 2002
El Cerrito, California

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