Continuous Uses from Tranquility

Yutang Lin

Constant uses from tranquility for fifteen years,
Coming from great ocean to teach the fortunate,
Clarified the doubt about offering dragon vases,
Golden spot black fish means wealthy and loyal.


Since Guru Chen entered Nirvana, all of a sudden, it has been over 15 years. During this time he has appeared, now and then, in dreams to Buddhists in various parts of the world, including some that had never met him or known of him, to bestow teachings and blessings. On November 23, 2002 after the fire puja to Medicine Guru Buddha I returned home. Then I received a phone call from a Buddhist, Upasaka Lee, in Canada. He told me that, that morning he saw Yogi Chen in a dream.

Recently Upasaka Lee had some doubts as to his own motivation in participating in fire pujas and dragon vase offerings because he was afraid that asking help for himself would be in violation of a pure Bodhicitta. In the dream he saw Yogi Chen came from ocean. Yogi Chen told him that he should offer a vase to the Dragon King, and in addition he should also offer a vase for the sake of his brother. Then Yogi Chen showed him several black fish that shaped like gold fish, with a few golden lines. After he woke up he immediately sent me a letter asking me to offer two vases, just as he was told in the dream.

Upasaka Lee asked me to interpret this dream for him. I told him that, for people like him who have right faith in the Dharma and know to help with Dharma activities, once they have received the beneficial results of offering dragon vases they would endeavor more to help promote the Dharma. Therefore, it is different from those who know only to strive for self-interests, and hence there is no conflict with Bodhicitta. That is why Guru Chen appeared to remove his doubts, and told him explicitly that he should offer dragon vases. He needs to reduce karmic hindrances and accumulate merits through offering dragon vases in order to overcome the present difficulties that he has encountered. Guru Chen came from ocean; that signifies his appearing out of the totality of the Dharmadhatu. Usually, fish seen in a dream represent sentient beings. Black color will not change when mixed with other colors; hence it represents steadfast faithfulness. For this reason tantric protectors are usually black or blue-black in color. Golden lines represent gains in wealth.

The fundamental teaching of Buddhism indicates that all are originally in oneness, without boundaries of space or time. The continuous appearances of Guru Chen illustrate his constant uses from tranquility. It enables us to appreciate more the truthfulness of Buddhist teachings.

Written in Chinese on November 25, 2002
Translated on November 27, 2002
El Cerrito, California

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