Maintaining Respect

Yutang Lin

Clarity of mind is innate to all sentient beings,
Deluded by senses into acting mad and greedy.
Once awakened all are no less than Tathagatas.
With all respect I wait for their self-awakening.


Sentient beings are preoccupied with greed, anger and fixation so much so that their innate clarity of mind becomes hidden. They have not suffered enough to the point that they would reflect on their ways of life. When suffering to the extreme point of facing impenetrable hindrance, then there might be the possibility of self-examination. Expecting their self-awakening, I dare not treat them lightly; therefore, in daily contacts I constantly maintain respect to other beings.

Written in Chinese on February 9, 2002
Translated on February 27, 2002
El Cerrito, California

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