Observing the Sequential Order

Yutang Lin

Thrusting words to interrupt, impatient to hear others through;
Looking on but failed to see things because mind not attentive.
Doing things in one's own way even to infringe others' rights;
Just care for one's willfulness but careless of sequential order.


Sequential orders and boundaries are certain in matters of principle. If such details were not observed, chaos would ensue. To cultivate lessening of grasping one should practice in daily life. Listen to others patiently without thrusting interruptions. Wait till the other party is willing to listen, and only then utter one's advice. Sounds pass through ears distinctly; as sounds fade into silence there is no trace left. Matters have their routes; clarity is without barriers.

Written in Chinese and translated on January 14, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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