Yutang Lin

Adversaries or hindrances viewed as tools of polishing,
Drop complaints to realize that each is choosing a path.
With gratitude and appreciation pursue full awakening;
Constantly pray for all beings to get suffering lessened.


Instead of complaining about hindrances and adversaries, one had better view them as tools of polishing for the practice of transcending grasping. When favors and grudges are no longer weighed each person's activities in life could be understood as a self-chosen path of spiritual practice. If one could understand the significance of having gratitude and appreciation for what one has, then one should make good use of one's energy and time in Dharma practices and propagation. With one's mind abiding in Bodhi one would constantly think about suffering in the world and universally pray for all suffering to be lessened. When worldly life is thus simplified, it becomes a life of Dharma practice.

Written in Chinese and translated on August 30, 2002
El Cerrito, California

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