Appreciating the Opportunity

Yutang Lin

Right view boundless, not easy to comprehend.
Great mind beyond self, difficult to root deeply.
Wisdom unites compassion through cultivation.
Dharma opportunity rare; be appreciative often.


Right view of Dharma does not fall into either side of duality; this is difficult to comprehend, not to mention to apply. The great mind of Bodhi is totally beyond self-centeredness; occasionally it may arise out of bold dashing spirit, nevertheless, to be steadfast on its course is no easy matter. Harmonization of wisdom and compassion could not be achieved overnight; through long-term cultivation the union will gradually work well. Opportunity to meet Dharma and accept it with good faith, and to enter and pursue the right path, all these are rare in the world; we Buddhists should constantly remind ourselves of this and be appreciative.

Written in Chinese on November 23, 2002
Translated on November 26, 2002
El Cerrito, California

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