Responsibility in Oneness

Yutang Lin

Body and mind still capable of functions,
Learned Dharma and engage in practices,
Merciful to deluded and wayward beings,
Dedicated to relieve pain and bring peace.


Through the grace of Buddhas we have learned of oneness of all. While our bodies and minds are still capable of functioning properly, we should treasure the opportunity to have come across the Dharma teachings by diligently engaging in practices, so as to help rescue immeasurable and boundless sentient beings suffering in the Dharmadhatu that are ignorant and deluded in continuing to commit karmas that will lead only to more suffering. Even though they would desire emancipation from suffering, they have had no way to find the path or are still incapable of walking toward the right direction. We should not forget or forsake this responsibility in oneness of all even when we have encountered personal setbacks in life.

Written in Chinese on November 30, 2002
Translated on December 1, 2002
El Cerrito, California

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