Free from Dependence

Yutang Lin

Naturally born of causal conditions, why need to guard it?
Whatever grasped would not last, one should realize this.
A visitor staying for but a century, finally all will be lost.
Practice no reliance on worldly things to exit delusive fog.


All phenomena arise out of mutual dependence in the web of causal chains. When this is comprehended, one could only endeavor to reduce karmic hindrances and cultivate merits and wisdom through causal routes, but need not waste energy and attention on expectations or worries. Most people in the world are accustomed to grasping without looking deeper into the fact that all phenomena have no solidity and would not last for long. If one grasps to illusions without reflection and awakening, a century later one eventually will have to face the situation of suddenly losing everything. If one could remind oneself of this in daily life and always practice no need to rely on or long for worldly things, then in the remainder of this life one might still have the opportunity to regain clarity of mind.

Written in Chinese on April 9, 2003
Translated on April 12, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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