Yutang Lin

Aiming at subsistence, life passed through routines.
Stirring up things and playing tricks, all rush to fall.
Blindly engaged oneself, in the end just old or dead.
A lifetime without significance, what do we expect?
Seeing through the end, mind no more excess wants.
Live at ease to spread Dharma suitable to occasions.
In muddy confusing world diligently guide and lead.
Paths to Pureland are open; one should embark soon.


Going along with worldly ways, one just passes days. Fighting and grabbing, who doesn't fall? Direction in life is so foreign to many. Seeing through the end, no need to be greedy. Take it easy at one's own pace, and spend one's efforts only on Dharma matters.

Written in Chinese on November 8, 2001
Translated on November 15, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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