Praying for Offspring

Yutang Lin

Mr. Zeng, a retired teacher in Taiwan, informed me the good news that his daughter has become pregnant. In his fax he detailed the sequence of events that cumulated to this result. Now, based on his record, I am writing this short report for the public to share. May this article contribute to the cultivation of pure faith in readers and thereby repay the compassionate blessing of Buddha in a minor way.

Miss Zeng and Mr. Wang are both around thirty years of age. They have been married for over two years and live happily together. The only regret was that they had had no sign of pregnancy. Mr. Zeng, based on his inspirational experiences of offering vases to the Dragon King, suggested that they ask me to offer a vase on their behalf so as to gain the Dragon King's favor in helping to get an offspring soon. On January 4 of this year his daughter sent me such a request via email. Immediately I agreed to provide the service. I also suggested them to participate in the Green Tara fire puja that had been scheduled for January 27 because Green Tara is the "Guan Yin that brings offspring." Right away they complied with my guidance.

On January 19 the vase was offered to the Dragon King. In the ashes of the fire puja to Green Tara on January 27 there appeared a baby lying on its belly with the head toward the altar table. At the left buttock of the baby there appeared a small but vivid shape of dragon. I faxed the Zeng family to inform them of this rare auspicious omen.

On February 11, Eve of Chinese New Year, early in the morning Mr. Zeng saw in a dream a Bodhisattva holding a baby. He was not sure if it was the omen that his daughter got pregnant. He simply penciled two Chinese words "Meng Sun," meaning "dreamed of grandson," below the date on the monthly calendar.

On February 23 his daughter informed him that she got pregnant on the Eve of Chinese New Year. Furthermore, that night she saw a snake in her dream. I interpreted the dream as seeing a representation of a dragon, and recognized it as a significant sign that the baby is the rebirth of a dragon.

When the above events were reviewed as a whole we readily realized that the omen from the ashes of the fire puja coincided exactly with the omens obtained from their dreams. Especially noteworthy is the fact that both father and daughter got the dreams on the day of pregnancy. We therefore concluded that such speedy and fruitful result from praying for offspring is definitely due to blessings from Green Tara and the Dragon King. It is indeed very rare and precious to have so clear and definite inspirational results. Here it is carefully recorded to mark and make public the virtuous merits of Buddhas.

Written in Chinese on March 6, 2002
Translated on March 15, 2002
El Cerrito, California

Added on October 24, 2002:

This morning Mr. Zeng phoned me the good news that his daughter has just given birth to a baby girl. The delivery was natural and smooth. At the left buttock of the baby there is an obvious birthmark, just as I predicted in July when I was at Mr. Zeng's home. I made the prediction based on the appearance of a vivid shape of dragon on the baby's left buttock that we saw during the fire puja. As to the date of her birth, even though it was a little over 10 days earlier than the normal term, it was exactly the next day after the doctor said, "Now it is the right size to be delivered smoothly." In addition, it is also a special day in honor of Bodhisattva Guan Yin, September 19 of the lunar calendar.

Buddha and Dragon King's blessing is indeed amazing!

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