Lack of Opportunity

Yutang Lin

Lack of opportunity to meet even though family;
Describing ice to summer insects is simply futile.
Bondage of past activities is difficult to untangle;
Broadly cultivating merits help reform gradually.


Causal conditioning is subtle, and yet the effects are obvious. In the world departures among living and dying persons are of thousand sorts; even though of one family sometimes the regret of never got to meet is unavoidable. Limited by causal conditions, describing ice to insects that live only one summer would eventually fail to communicate. Our wisdom is difficult to develop for similar reasons. In order to escape the predicament of karmic entanglements one could only endeavor to cultivate merits broadly, and then gradual reform could be expected. If one could aspire to helping all sentient beings attain ultimate liberation, and practice in accordance with Buddhist teachings, then one will be on the best path to escape from karmic bondage.

Written in Chinese on March 19, 2002
Translated on March 21, 2002
El Cerrito, California

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