Ancestors' Calling for Help

Yutang Lin

Coming disasters to the family members are foreseen already;
Love extended to descendants, calling for help on their behalf.
Living and dead can hardly communicate, but feelings remain;
Spoke to a friend in a dream to beseech Buddha's compassion.


Mr. Min, a Buddhist friend in San Francisco, has been practicing chanting of mantra and prostration to Buddhas daily for years. A few days ago he faxed to let me know of his recent experience. In a dream he heard a distinct voice saying in Chinese, "Wu Jia You Nan, Zu Xian Qiu Jiu. (Wu family has disasters; the ancestors beseech help.)" Then there appeared a very clean red color fire engine. Then the images of three sons of his friend's family appeared one by one, with each appearance the voice called the son's name. Therefore, he asked me to pray to Buddha for their safety.

Usually messages from departed relatives obtained through inspirational experiences are for the deceased to obtain salvation through the blessing of Dharma services. Cases like this one, where the ancestors foresaw coming disasters to some living descendants and asked for help on their behalf, are not well known. Therefore, I record it to help people understand more the emotional tie between living and dead that is beyond life and death.

Written in Chinese and translated on January 29, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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