Complete Revelation

Yutang Lin

Pouring the fountain of all Buddhas and right teachings,
In complete revelation the compassionate mind rejoices.
Whatever taught by Buddha in this Sutra is fundamental;
Just by observing a four-sentence gatha will one awaken.


The Diamond Sutra fully explains fundamental principles of Buddhism in details. It directly points out that its contents constitute the fountain of all Buddhas and their right teachings. During the course of such a complete revelation it is often the case that a statement made somewhere therein could indeed serve as a principle for a practitioner to abide by all through life. In the Sutra there are twenty-seven occurrences of "three-step arguments" that serve to completely wipe out grasping as real any worldly matter or Buddhists teaching and conceptual hindrances therefrom, and conclude in wondrous application of names and labels born of a mind free from attachments and preconceptions. If one could comprehend the principles through one of such examples, one would immediately comprehend awakening. Therefore, in the Sutra it is said that even just by receiving in good faith and abiding by in practice a gatha of four sentences, the resulting meritorious virtues are inconceivable and the fruitful consequences are likewise inconceivable.

Written in Chinese on February 3, 2003
Translated on February 7, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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