At Ease with Uncertainty

Yutang Lin

At ease with uncertainty, abide by following the flow;
Preconception flimsy, remain humble to keep concord.
Deluded competition in fighting has not yet awakened;
On clear and even ridges only very few persons trav


Nothing in the world is permanent. In order to achieve stability one needs to be able to retain peace of mind during uncertainty of situations, and abide by no-attachment while floating up and down along the flowing of tides. Without strong preconceptions, nor intention to argue or engage in lengthy clarifications, constantly behave in accordance with humbleness and harmony, thus one may get near the goal. In the world it is full of disasters and calamities, and yet there is still no lacking of people who are engulfed in competition in fighting as if racing to add suffering to one another. Aloof from temporary current haggling, plain and simple ways that stem from clear mind with panoramic views have yet very few sincere followers.

Written in Chinese and translated on February 11, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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