Karmic Strings

Yutang Lin

Karmic strings pull the course of life winding;
Willy-nilly one finds oneself facing a juncture.
Pleasant scenery glides through eyes to vanish.
At the fateful moment earth turns up to heaven.


Worldly sentient beings, under the pulling and dragging of karmic strings, would frequently run into unexpected winding in their courses. Willy-nilly they have come face to face with difficult junctures. Occasionally there might be periods of pleasant scenery; alas! Moving under the pressure of time and tides, a sudden and drastic change could not be avoided. Having realized the unreliable and transient nature of worldly matters, only then could one concentrate on the Dharma and devote oneself to Dharma practices wholeheartedly.

Written in Chinese on November 27, 2002
Translated on December 1, 2002
El Cerrito, California

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