Relentless Scolding

Yutang Lin

Severe words relentlessly pushing to display self-righteousness,
Rendering others embarrassment that hurts feelings so painfully.
Worries and fears accumulated to solidify into mental deterrent;
Hearing sounds or seeing shapes one would turn away to avoid.
Even though the intention is purely to help and benefit the other,
Mild speech softly spoken to advice would be easier to be heard.
Time and conditions should be in harmony without being forced,
Relaxing both sides will sooner yield meeting of minds naturally.


Relentless scolding would not yield beneficial results; instead, mental hindrances and psychological alienation could ensue. While pouring out scolding words one could hardly reflect and realize the narrow-mindedness in such display of self-righteousness. With open and wide perspective it would seem enough just to point out through kind words; why need to pursue relentlessly into a standoff?

Written in Chinese on July 23, 2002
Translated on July 26, 2002
El Cerrito, California

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