Gentle Breeze

Yutang Lin

With self-centered mind one could erupt suddenly;
Without grasping, an open mind enjoys tranquility.
Spring wind gently caresses in its transient passing;
All on earth are blessed with liveliness in green hue.


While the grasping to one’s self lasts, accumulated complaints could not dissipate. The moment it explodes, all traces of rationality would disappear. Therefore, Dharma teaches us to be rid of grasping so that, in open-mindedness and tranquility, clarity of mind would be ours to keep. Actions and inaction born of a mind of clarity may be likened to the gentle caresses of spring wind; they would breath peace on earth and thereby bring forth liveliness in all.

Written in Chinese on December 12, 2001
Translated on January 7, 2002
El Cerrito, California

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