Requesting Powa for Ancestors

Yutang Lin

The list of ancestors' names offered for Powa service;
Soon tranquillity prevailed in communion with beings.
Deceased beings are urgently expecting rescuing help;
Relatives and enemies saved for all to share liberation.



Dr. Juan Bulnes, a devoted Buddhist for decades, had never thought about requesting Powa service for ancestors that were long gone, although he did do so for his parents when they departed. Recently he came across some website devoted to his family name, and gathered therefrom a list of some of his ancestors' names from many generations back. So he emailed the list to me for Powa service, just as an addition to his daily practice of so doing for many deceased beings that came to his attention. As soon as that email was sent, he felt a sense of tranquillity and gratitude as if he were in communion with all lives in the universe, and the feeling lasted for about ten minutes.

In my reply to him I told him: When some ancestors are still in need of rescuing help, then it is often the case that the descendants would continuously encounter many kinds of obstacles. This is because the deceased would like very much to receive help and they could only try in such manners to communicate to the descendants. Therefore, requesting Powa service for ancestors could pacify the lives of the descendants; it could also help the descendants eventually to become free from transmigration. Similarly, requesting Powa service for all one's karmic relatives, creditors and enemies that are deceased is also very beneficial to all involved.


Written in Chinese and translated on December 24, 2002
El Cerrito, California

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