Sources of Chaos

Yutang Lin

Devious views mislead people into entanglements;
Consequential damages of violent forces run deep.
Sources of troubles not extinct control ineffectual.
Buddha teaches to be selfless but few appreciated.


Devious views and violent actions render the world to have no day without unrest, and sufferings are compounded and further aggravated. If the sources of troubles could not be recognized and problems could not be dealt with at their roots, then control and management would become an endless job and the handling could lead to further complications. Out of compassion Buddha teaches that the fundamental solution is for sentient beings to practice eradication of the grasping to a notion of self. Unfortunately, in the world those who could appreciate the truth of this teaching and be willing to follow it in daily life are too few.

Written in Chinese on April 9, 2003
Translated on April 12, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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