To Build Dharma Connections

Yutang Lin

Use whatever comes by handy without choosing;
Intending to build Dharma connections extensive.
Production, manufacture, transportation and sale,
All involved in the processing line are prayed for.


Use and take without choosing varieties or brands; on one hand to be free from attachments, on the other hand to become open-minded. As I use things upon encounter I do not forget to pray for all involved in its presence. From production of materials, manufacture of parts, assembly into a unit, storage and transportation, up to management and sale, any thing that comes our way is associated with a string of beings. May we, through this use, build everlasting Dharma connections so that we will become more congenial and ultimately share Buddha's blessings.

Written in Chinese on October 27, 2002
Translated on November 3, 2002
El Cerrito, California

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