Naturally Free from Reliance

Yutang Lin

Chanting "Amitabha" to purify the mind but not to tie it down;
One should stay settled in the compassionate ship of salvation.
While waves are turbulent goading people to jump into the sea;
Why not wait till the vessel has reached the shore to leave ship?


Citing "One should not abide in anything," some would urge people in general that even the practice of chanting some Buddha's epithet should be given up. Nevertheless, ordinary practitioners of such chanting practices are mostly within the confines of worldly matters, and there are only very few practitioners of chanting who had renounced worldly activities and are cultivating it wholeheartedly. Consequently, once the practitioners stopped chanting, they could not gain comprehension amidst the cluster of worldly trivial sorrows, but will only lose the opportunity to gradually experience, through the chanting practice, the liberation of being naturally free from reliance. Practitioners of chanting Buddhas' epithets should understand this matter and not to renounce the practice. Only after one has attained the natural state of no reliance can one conduct activities according to situations.

Written in Chinese on August 17, 2002
Translated on August 18, 2002
El Cerrito, California

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