Mental Cocoon

Yutang Lin

Hardly perceivable mental cocoon wraps the whole body;
As one grasping is released a feeling of relaxation sensed.
In this light, let all thoughts go, and rest not on sensations.
Originally neither pausing, nor boundary of life and death.


Entanglements of feelings and intentions constantly constrain the whole body in hardly perceivable ways. Only at the instant of releasing a grasping one suddenly senses relaxation. Proceeding in this light, if all grasping are let go, then one should not be confined by even senses. Originally there is no attachment, nor concepts of time and space, and therefore there is no division into segments of life and death. Once this is understood, it becomes obvious that the quest to escape ignorance and attain awakening is a continuous effort that will not be interrupted by birth and death. The quest will not end until perfect enlightenment.

Written in Chinese on February 9, 2002
Translated on February 27, 2002
El Cerrito, California

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