Responding to All Requests

Yutang Lin

Never renounce ignorant beings; all requests answered.
It does not mean that impossible wishes will come true.
Observe beings precisely to give appropriate treatment;
Remove hindrance and indicate the way to help escape.


Out of great compassion and great mercy a Bodhisattva would never renounce any sentient being. Therefore, all requests are responded. However, responses from a Bodhisattva are based on enlightened principles. They would not spoil ignorant and deluded beings by helping all dreams to come true. Responses aiming at salvation would render help in reducing karmas, removing hindrances, increasing merits and cultivating wisdom. Furthermore, they would provide wise guidance so that sentient beings would move toward ultimate liberation.

Written in Chinese on April 15, 2002
Translated on April 17, 2002
El Cerrito, California

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