Precious Vase Guan Yin

Yutang Lin

Buzzing energy intensified to move a brass hand;
Elegant fingers gracefully picked up the lost part.
Three items miraculously reunited into one thing;
Precious Vase Guan Yin emerged in space above.


This morning what I saw in a dream was auspiciously wondrous. It is briefly recorded below:

There were three things that were originally one. I held two of them under my two arms respectively. The one under my right arm was a brass hand. I walked and came across something that had a vase lying atop. This vase is the remaining third thing of the trio. Suddenly there was a buzzing sound arising, signifying the emergence of some energy. The sound became stronger and continued for quite a while. In the mean while the brass hand turned around and opened its elegant fingers to pick up the vase. Immediately the trio miraculously reunited into one thing—a brass statue of Guan Yin in sitting meditation posture with two hands holding a precious vase at the belly. It appeared in the space right above and in front of my forehead, but was very close to my forehead. I looked up to Guan Yin in admiration.

Just a few days ago I wrote the article “Thirty-two Kinds of Responses" to expound the great ease with which Guan Yin performs boundless salvation activities. In that article I mentioned that Guan Yin could miraculously apply sentient beings or non-sentient things to salvation functions. What I saw in this dream, that energy caused the brass hand to function, illustrated precisely that point. Precious Vase Guan Yin, to my knowledge, has never been mentioned in sutras or Buddhist books. Perhaps Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara is indicating through this appearance that the offering of precious vases to the Dragon King, a Dharma service that Yogi Chen initiated and I am sustaining to help sentient beings reduce karmic hindrances and increase merits, is also among the thirty-two kinds of responses of Guan Yin?

Written in Chinese on April 15, 2002
Translated on April 17, 2002
El Cerrito, California

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