Universal Dedication

Yutang Lin

Making offerings to Triple Gems won praising;
"Immeasurable merits," how should one reply?
Seeing all as equal, one is free from attachment.
Surfing on waves; simply dedicate merits to all.


A Buddhist made offerings to the Triple Gems. That won repeated praising of "immeasurable merits" from the monk who received the offerings. The Buddhist had no word to respond to such praising. So, instead, the Buddhist asked the monk on how to respond to such praising. The monk said, "Equal, equal."

Seeing all as equal would prevent grasping to merits from arising. Nevertheless, one might still remain within the concept of "immeasurable merits." Why not made use of the situation and replied, "Universally extending to all," instead? In the lively application of universally dedicating the merits one would instantly become free from all attachments.

According to Yogi Chen's teachings as presented in his book, "The Lighthouse in the Ocean of Chan," at the level of conceptual understanding the above would illustrate the juncture between "Exit" and "Use."

Written in Chinese on August 2, 2002
Translated on August 3, 2002
El Cerrito, California

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