Mistaken Recognition

Yutang Lin

A few small matters are called related to oneself;
Intended to gain facility yet obtain extra sorrows.
The flow of all phenomena that is beyond control
Indifferently regarded as different, of no concern.
Worldly views are upside down, merely entangle.
One will not yield to another; stalemate pervades.
Practice Dharma to quell mundane considerations;
Mind might open to see old recognition mistaken.


Usually what run restlessly in most people's minds are only a few matters that are deemed as of concern to them. As to all other matters in the universe, people just don't care. By putting efforts on facilitating one's goals one would just gain additional worries in return. Insisting on individual opinions and rights, no one would yield to another, and consequently all remain stagnant in stalemate. Only by practicing in accordance with the Dharma will it be possible to relax antagonistic attitudes, and even to the point of extinguishing boundaries. Only then will it be possible to see clearly that the distinctions people are used to making are merely human errors; reality is originally in limitless oneness.

Written in Chinese on February 4, 2003
Translated on February 7, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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