Complete Accordance

Yutang Lin

Thorough emancipation depends on Bodhi mind;
Before end of selfishness one remains entangled.
Recognize the right path and pursue accordingly;
Clarity prevails to enjoy propagation of Dharma.


The aspiration toward the complete enlightenment of each and every sentient being is the root that will yield the fruit of emancipation from entanglements and enjoyment of ultimate freedom. Only when all selfish considerations have been abandoned and one is completely relying on and living up to this great mind of Bodhi, could there be moments of real clarity of mind. Only through intellectual understanding one could hardly develop a real refuge in this Bodhi mind. It is necessary to learn and practice Dharma to the extent that one has gained some inspirational experiences, and to have realized through experiences in life that all things in the world are full of suffering, for one to devote oneself wholeheartedly to Bodhi mind. In relying on Bodhi mind one should remain alert and reflective so as to make sure that the submission is complete. Only when one is completely devoted to Bodhi mind could one emerge from entanglements to taste the clarity, openness and harmony of Dharma joy. Out of pure Bodhi mind all connections and encounters would naturally become helpful means and opportunities for the propagation of Dharma. Such joy is boundless and endless.

Written in Chinese on August 5, 2002
Translated on August 6, 2002
El Cerrito, California

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