Opportunistic Attitude

Yutang Lin

Wishing to win lottery is an opportunistic attitude;
Gambling spreads to drive the whole nation crazy.
Advancement on the path relies on solid practices;
First dispel greedy illusion to follow regular train.


Some said that, since propagation of Dharma needs resources, a practitioner might as well try lottery so as to benefit more people. Nevertheless, the greedy endeavor to obtain instant results without following the regular approaches is indeed illusive and full of hazards. The greedy desire itself constitutes a fundamental cause for transmigration in the six realms. How could someone sustaining such a desire resume original purity? When one cannot liberate oneself from suffering in transmigration, how could one then truly propagate the Dharma to help others? For one to be sincere in practice, one should pay no attention to worldly gains and losses, warm reception and cold shoulders. The most important virtue is to remain simple-minded and alone in guarding one's sincerity.

Written in Chinese on February 9, 2002
Translated on February 28, 2002
El Cerrito, California

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