Not to Be Self-limited

Yutang Lin

In reality there is nothing, that is called 'Buddhahood attained.'
Confined by self-set limits in practices, but few are aware of it.
All phenomena are flowing and changing, what can be grasped?
Step out of the illusive arena and not to linger over attachments.


What is called as 'attaining Buddhahood' is simply a thorough merger into the real situation of all phenomena as being conditionally coexistent, that is in complete absence of a grasping to reality as having an independent existence of some recognizable individual entity. Many so-called practitioners remain stagnant within self-set limits and could not realize that their approaches are contrary to the Buddhist goal. All phenomena are flowing and evolving with neither any dominant factor nor anything that could be grasped. Therefore, any recognition as certainty is for sure a deluded grasping. Sentient beings fail to reach the Buddhist goal in the most part it is because of their inability to stop setting limits for themselves. Sincere practitioners should pay attention to this point and make efforts to go beyond this hindrance of self-set limitations.

Written in Chinese on January 31, 2003
Translated on February 2, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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