Self-appointed "Right Dharma"

Yutang Lin

Citing Sutra out of context as self-appointed "Right Dharma"
To criticize traditions and well-known teachers everywhere,
It is still to be seen that such approach can reach awakening;
Already led followers into antagonistic fights and arguments.


The fundamental teaching of Buddhism is to become free from self-centeredness. Yet there are people who claim to propagate the "Right Dharma" or to be a living Buddha, and they criticize others as devious or inferior in contrast to their own "unsurpassable" superiority. Unfortunately many people who lack proper understanding of the fine points of Buddhist teachings had been misled by such "teachers" into blind worship and following. Consequently, there are no traces of activities that are in accordance with the teaching on non-self, but instead self-righteous fighting and arguments have been initiated. In such cases the most pitiful are those followers who are pure in their intention but lack the sophistication and maturity to discern the fallacy of such teachings.

Written in Chinese on February 9, 2002
Translated on March 4, 2002
El Cerrito, California

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